Global Pro-JV Concept

The New Wave of Network Marketing

Consumers who had previously spent to benefit businesses (middle men), now have the opportunity to generate their own wealth via interactive marketing (direct marketing) by building personal wealth from personal spending. This shift gives birth to a new business model, the Pro-JV (Prosumer Joint Venture).

The Global Pro-JV concept complements the ideas that have been shared by two renowned economists:

1. Paul Zane Pilzer: Consumers make businesses generate wealth. Real wealth belongs to those who control the Distribution Channel and most consumers do not have the chance to generate wealth for themselves.

2. Peter Ferdinand Drucker, the Management guru : The secret to perpetual business is that “competition between corporations today is no longer focused on human resources or capital, but on creating the best business model.”

Driven by internet facilities, comprehensive distribution channel and good social relationship, you are able to grow wealth quickly and manifold simultaneously around the world via logical, natural, and automatic purchases by Pro-JV (Prosumer Joint Venture), ‘prosumers’ (productive consumers).