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We at www.cni-global.com want your online experience to be enjoyable, simple and successful. To that end, we have created an ordering, shipping and payment process to make your life easy.

All orders will be shipped via courier services. It is important and recommended that all merchandise be inspected for damages before signing or taking delivery of the order.

Offer and Acceptance

By submitting a completed order form or Member Cash Bill, you offer to purchase, on and pursuant to the terms and conditions herein.

We will acknowledge receipt of your offer by an electronic confirmation. Such acknowledgement does not constitute an acceptance of your offer. Upon acceptance of your offer we will send you an electronic confirmation of such acceptance. Acceptance or rejection of your offer shall be at our sole discretion. If your offer is accepted by us, each order for a separate product shall constitute a separate contract between you and us.

We reserve the right to cancel any orders accepted by us in the event of unavailability of stock without being liable to you for any compensation. In the event we do exercise our right of cancellation all sums paid to us will be refunded to you free of interest.

Orders made by you are processed automatically and immediately upon receipt by us and there shall be no cancellation. However the computation of CV for the purpose of determining the bonus incentive and promotion will only be made upon our acceptance of your offer and in accordance with the Pro-JV Members Rules and Regulations and Global Pro-JV Plan. In this respect only Pro-JV Members are entitled to bonus incentive or promotion and Valued Members are not entitled to any bonus incentive or promotion. You must check the order status and only if the orders have not been fulfilled, may you contact us to make enquiries.


The prices of the Products listed on the Site is subject to change without prior notice. The prices listed do not include import duties, value added taxes, sales taxes or other taxes which may be imposed by the state/ authorities to which the products may be delivered and also do not include transportation/delivery charges. All duties, fees or taxes, value added taxes, customs fees and other charges, fees or taxes are to be borne by you. You are only allowed to sell the Products only at the price stipulated by us. Failure to comply with this provision would be a breach of the term herein and the Member’s Rules and Regulations.

Transportation/Shipping Charges

The transportation/shipping charges shall be added to the price of the Products and such transportation/shipping charges are based on package weight, size, volume, CV and distance. The transportation/shipping charges can only be determined after the delivery address is submitted by you and the transportation/shipping charges will be added to the member price of the Products and the total price inclusive of transportation/shipping charges will have to be paid by you in full. The transportation/shipping charges are not refundable except where the merchandise is defective and returned to the supplier or the wrong item is shipped to you and you have returned the item to the supplier or us as the case may be.

To eliminate any unnecessary hassle and extra cost, you are strongly advised to indicate a suitable delivery location - i.e. your office address where you’ll be able to personally accept receipt of the products. In the event that delivery of the product is unsuccessful, extra transport/shipping charges will be charged for the re-delivery.


Prices are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia. There are two types of payment mode, credit card and eAccount that you shall select either one.


CNI Global products will be delivered to you directly by us. The delivery period of the CNI Global products that you order depends on your payment method, delivery option and the availability of the items. All orders will be shipped within 7 business days upon confirmation of payment received and is subject to stock availability.

Delivery dates are estimate only and we shall not be liable to you for any loss or compensation arising from any delay in delivery of the products to you.

You are reminded of the ten (10) working days cooling off period as set out in Rule 7.3.2 of the Member Rules and Regulations if the costs of the Products exceeds RM300.00.

Unavailability of Products

We shall not be responsible or liable in the event of unavailability of the Product and in such an event will place your order on our waiting list. However your order would be cancelled if the Product is still unavailable after the expiry of 30 days.

Notwithstanding that our office is closed on weekends and on public holidays you may place online orders any time!


Loss or damage that occurs during shipping by a carrier selected by us or the supplier is the responsibility of us or our supplier. Loss or damage that occurs during shipping by a carrier selected by you is your responsibility.

Return Policies of CNI Product

1. With respect to CNI Global Products: Goods purchased are non-returnable except for certain permitted or special situations or if permitted under the Pro-JV Members Rules and Regulations. Goods are returnable if damaged during shipping or is not in accordance with your order or is not of merchantable quality. Goods returned have to be in its original condition with its original packaging and accessories (if any) intact. Any products claimed to be damaged or defective or short supplied must be returned within 5 days of receipt of the products.

We can be contacted at:

CNI Global (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Wisma CNI, No 2 Jalan U1/17, Seksyen U1
Hicom-Glenmarie Industrial Park
40000 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel No: 603-5569 4000

Limitation of Liability

We shall not be liable to you for any interception of online communications, software or hardware problems (including, without limitation, viruses, loss of data, or compatibility conflicts), unauthorized use of your credit card, or other consequence beyond our control.

In the event we are held liable to you by a court of competent jurisdiction we, our employees, suppliers or agents shall only be liable to you for damages, losses and causes of action, whether in contract, tort, or otherwise, either jointly or severally, strictly up to a limit equivalent to the price of the Products ordered by you.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Our online shopping services are provided on as "AS IS", "AS AVAILABLE" basis and we do not provide any assurances of the availability or usability by you of the online shopping services. We make no representations or warranties, whatsoever, as to the substance, or the accuracy or sufficiency thereof, of any Product information listed on the Site.

Any warranties given shall be strictly limited to express warranties given by us or the suppliers and any warranties given by our suppliers shall be enforced only against the suppliers concerned.

Save as expressly warranted, we make no other warranties, express or implied, including without limitation no implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for its purpose.

As a Pro-JV Member or Valued Member you shall not make any warranties or representation to consumers/purchasers which are not warranted or represented by us and in the event you do, you shall be fully liable and responsible for any such false or misrepresentation or warranty made by you and you will have to indemnify us against all loss and/or damage suffered by us arising or resulting from such warranties or representations made by you.

Change or Particulars

Any change of particulars (e.g. recipient’s address, messages, etc) must be made within 24 hours of the order made. In cases of re-send, we will charge a touch up and re-delivery fee of 50% of the original total selling price.


We will not be responsible and you shall be solely responsible for any loss suffered by you as a result of you entering or giving us the wrong information when making orders. Therefore you are advised to check that the product ordered, address of delivery, your distributor code and other information are correctly entered.

Member’s Rules and Regulations

The Member’s Rules and Regulations and Pro-JV Centre Rules shall be deemed to be incorporated into the terms and conditions herein and shall apply to Pro-JV Members and Pro-JV Operators accordingly. All members and Pro-JV Operators are required to comply strictly with the respective Rules and Regulations aforesaid.

Additional Terms

In addition to the terms and conditions herein you shall be bound by the terms and conditions set out in the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy.


We reserve the right to amend, vary or substitute all or any of the terms and conditions herein at our absolute discretion from time to time with or without notice to you. It is your responsibility and obligation to read and understand the terms and conditions posted on this Site from time to time and in any case you must read and understand the terms and conditions prior to submitting any order to us. We have no responsibility or obligation to notify you of any amendment, variation or substitution of all or any of the terms herein prior to making such changes.

Governing Law

All orders and purchases made by you and the contract between you and us shall be governed by the laws of West Malaysia and you agree to be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of West Malaysia subject that if we choose to commence proceedings against you in your country or state, you shall submit to the jurisdiction to the courts of competent jurisdiction in your country or state.