About Us


Introducing the Global Pro-JV Plan brought to you by the trusted network marketing company with over 25 successful years of delivering innovative and quality products. The new Pro-JV plan is your platform to expand your business network globally and beyond borders. Welcome to a whole new way of doing business that opens the door to unlimited opportunities, and unlimited possibilities!


The Global Pro-JV Plan

Unlike traditional MLM business model, the new Global Pro-JV plan is a new wave in network marketing that offers a profitable joint venture between consumers (you) and the producer (us, the Company) in a global market. You can now generate income by spending on essential personal care and household products to enable you to recoup the money you’ve spent. The Global Pro-JV plan is your opportunity to run a successful global business - without borders, without limits – and to earn from a profitable reward scheme that reflects your global business network performance.

Products For The Global Consumers

To meet fast changing global consumer needs – we have rejuvenated our product lines, reinvented the way we deliver and pushed our quality levels to greater heights. Our products are focused on Wellness, Energy and Beauty (acronymed W.E.B) for their worldwide appeal. Ranging from functional energising beverages - to natural therapy wellness supplements -to complete beauty care and personal care essentials - our products are our dedication to meet the needs of our global consumers.

Gear Up For The Global Experience

Unlimited business opportunities, unlimited income possibilities backed by strong innovative products and solid business support. Together , we can make our joint venture equally profitable and rewarding. We welcome you as our business partner to embark on an international business venture. Be part of a new and exciting global business.