Why Global Pro-JV Plan

The 10 unique features of Global Pro-JV Plan

1. Accumulate income without generation limit

Sales generated by all new downlines will be calculated without generation limit. Sponsors are entitled to enjoy New Member Sales Bonus. All sales accumulated by new downlines, regardless of their generation level (whether they are the 10th, the 100th or infinite generations), will be taken into account during bonus calculations. You can enjoy the Group Performance Bonus amounting to 5 digits.

2. Borderless and can be operated anywhere

i. The business can be operated either through the internet or meeting customers physically.

ii. You can also operate your business in the borderless international market, and without time and geographical constraints.

3. Generate income directly and quickly

i. Sales proceeds will be calculated every week. This method is more practical and attractive.

ii. Sponsors are able to enjoy New Member Sales Bonus by sponsoring new distributors.

4. Positioning system is practiced to maximise distributors' benefits.

All members in the organisation strive to build 3 lines so as to expand the organization’s network just like the roots of a tree that grow ever downwards. With that, distributors will receive returns with lucrative profits.

5. Fostering the spirit of cooperation between uplines and downlines

i. Each member can build 3 lines but the friends they can recruit are unlimited. This means the organisation network will expand like roots of a tree that grow ever downwards. Uplines can position new members on the lower layers of the organisation and allocate their sales to the chosen downlines in order to help build up the downlines’ networks and build a more stable and stronger organisation network.

ii. The benefits enjoyed by the sponsor will not be affected by other factors. It benefits both parties, that is the sponsor and the other party.

6. CV (Calculation Value) for bonus calculation will not reset to zero. As long as repeat purchase is maintained, CV will continue to accumulate.

7. There is no pressure to maintain personal group sales. You are entitled to enjoy all bonuses by only maintaining basic personal spending 20QV.

8. Your personal repeat purchases are also entitled for bonus calculation so that you can generate continuous income.

i. The Uni-level and ADC (Active Differential Compression) methods are used in calculating Uni-Level Bonus (Repeat Purchase Bonus)..

ii. By sponsoring at least 7 downlines who make repeat purchases, you can then enjoy the Uni-Level Bonus for 7 generations and generate continuous income.

9. Group Performance Bonus

If the downline whom you sponsored successfully achieves the Group Performance Bonus, then you as the upline will receive additional incentive from the Company as recognition for your success in educating your downline.

10. Dynamic Level Compression (DLC)

A unique feature to ensure your inactive downline will not block you from earning the Leadership Bonus.

The 5 main incomes that can be enjoyed through Global Pro-JV Plan:

1. New Member Sales Bonus 20%

2. Group Performance Bonus 6% - 12%

3. Leadership Bonus 14% - 49%

4. Personal Sales Bonus 20%

5. Uni-Level Bonus 7% - 49%