Market Potential

CNI Global offers the Global Pro-JV Plan opportunity to all consumers. You have the ability to gain wealth by purchasing essential products for personal consumption, as well as venture into the international market by sponsoring consumers abroad as Global Pro-JV Entrepreneurs in your network. This great extraordinary opportunity, through the consumption and sales of quality wellness products, energy products (functional beverages) and beauty products, allows your wealth to multiply continuously in tandem with the expansion of your network.

Paul Zane Pilzer, a U.S economist has made a prediction in his book titled the “Wellness Revolution”.

According to him, people in the 21st century will face a serious dietary imbalance challenge. Besides experiencing stress in accumulating wealth, people want to be healthier, younger and more energetic. They are willing to spend in order to stay youthful, maintain a slim figure, delay ageing and preserve health. This trend has created business opportunity in the health care industry. This is only a small portion of the health care industry. Following the rapid development in biochemical technology and awareness in total wellness, no one supplement is able to fulfil consumers’ needs. Health care products that can provide total wellness benefits will be able to stimulate a significant increase in sales in health-related business.

The Rational Behind Functional Beverage-Based Extraordinary Opportunity

Another wave of CNI Global’s extraordinary opportunity consists of functional beverages suitable for the entire household. The door to unlimited wealth garnered from the global market is open to you today!

Nestle, world's well-known food and beverage manufacturer, successfully generates annual sales of US$89.2 bilion. In addition, statistics on coffee demand worldwide are sufficient to prove the beverage-based market potential in establishing a strong business model.

• Most popular beverage in the world: No. 1: Plain Water No. 2: Coffee

• Commodity most widely traded worldwide: No. 1: Petroleum, No. 2: Coffee

• 3 items that automatically generate repeat sales: rice, oil, coffee

• Population of coffee-drinkers worldwide: over 1.5 billion

• Amount of coffee consumed worldwide: 400 billion cup annually